Fund For Survivor Support Work

Philly's Pissed believes in supporting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in a way that provides options and allows the survivor to make their own decisions. We think it is important for survivors to have choices that do not rely on cops, government or big nonprofits. Who can offer better support to survivors than people and communities close to them?

We have a little bit of money to support other people doing this work in their own communities. We are very excited about work that creates alternatives to the police and criminal justice system, work that supports survivors who are people of color and/or trans, work that is being done in rural areas and work that is about sustainability and long-term change.

If this is you, please write to or to PP c/o Timothy, 921 S 50th Street, Philadelphia PA 19143. Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do and the money needs of the work you are doing. We will be able to give several groups money ranging from $100-$500 each. You do not need to have any kind of 501(c)3 or nonprofit status. Deadline is May 1st; please feel free to write us if you have questions or need more info.